About the HOPE

The HOPE is an 80-minute dramatic motion picture presentation of God’s epic story of redemption as revealed in the Bible from creation through the promised return of Christ. Produced by Mars Hill Productions in co-operation with movie producers and distributors around the world, the global impact of The HOPE may be understood in two ways:

Translations and Adaptations

Mission organizations worldwide have partnered with Mars Hill to create numerous translations and cultural adaptations of The HOPE. These translations are now being used by ministries throughout the world in a wide variety of settings and venues ranging from remote jungle villages to college campuses to satellite television. New translation and adaptation projects are beginning regularly, yet there are still thousands of people groups in the world that could benefit from having The HOPE in their language. It is the goal of Mars Hill, through the ministry of The HOPE, to strategically participate in the completion of the Great Commission, thus helping to fulfill God’s desire to gather His children from every tongue, tribe and nation. If you would like to learn more about the status of completed projects, current projects, or how to start a new project, please visit www.hopepartnering.com.

The Internet

The Internet ministry of The HOPE is a great way to share the story of God’s redemptive love in today’s world. People around the world are discovering how to have a personal relationship with God through this ministry. The HOPE video stream and the follow-up that is available on this site are being provided free of charge by Mars Hill Productions (producer of The HOPE) and Global Media Outreach (the follow up ministry for inquiries about Knowing God).